CremonaFiere presents the special edition of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions

Because of Covid-19 pandemic, the event is rescheduled in a totally digital format.

Cremona, 3rd November – “Covid-19 pandemic has severely hit the whole sector of trade shows and exhibitions. However, we want to carry on our strong commitment of being at the side of breeders. So, we have reorganized the event and transformed it into a digital initiative. But the major goal has remained unchanged: we want to offer a unique showcase for the agro-livestock production model”. Roberto Biloni, President of CremonaFiere used these words to explain why Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2020 will take place in a digital format.

Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions 2020 have been reorganized to meet the needs of health safety, simple logistics, optimization and good visibility for companies and to host, also in such a particular year, a top-level dairy cattle competition. From December 3rd to 5th, virtual visitors both Italian and international, will be able to attend the virtual exhibition by joining online streaming events that will be available on the official website The Exhibition will consist of virtual conferences, seminars, workshops and of the online dairy cattle competition.

This year, the Exhibition will go to breeders’ farms – explained Massimo De Bellis, Director General of CremonaFiere – to show the entire world, how important this sector is. Also during the total lockdown, breeders never stopped. They continued to work hard and to cultivate hope for a growth of the whole Country. For these reasons, even in such a difficult moment, we want to carry on supporting breeders and we want to stand by their side”.

Despite all the difficulties and the uncertain scenario caused by Covid-19 pandemic, Cremona will be the Italian capital city of Livestock this year as well, with Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions being the only international Exhibition specialized on livestock in Italy and the most effective tool to build up a network with the protagonists of the agrifood sector.

Italy ranks first in Europe as to the added value of the agricultural sector – concluded Roberto Biloni – and Cremona is at the heart of the agro-livestock system of the region Lombardy, that in 2019 registered an important growth in dairy exports (6%) and in pig meat productions (4.8%). CremonaFiere supports this excellence through the annual reference-point Exhibition and has therefore been appointed as Made in Italy Ambassador by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development”.

This year more than ever, because of the difficult moment that the production system is going through as a consequence of the health emergency, all the players of the sector need to share a moment to define together future perspectives. Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions are the most important Italian event on livestock and one of the three most influential specialized initiatives on livestock around the world, also in this new digital version.