At Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions a top-level scientific and cultural programme highlights the key aspects of a sector whose value equals 16 billion euros.

One of the major global appointments for Livestock is taking place at Cremona Exhibition Center from November 26 to 28. Along with a rich exhibit repertoire featuring cutting-edge equipment and technologies, a top-level programme with 40 scientific events will deal with the most topical themes of the sector.

Cremona, November 17th – The dairy sector is one of the pillars of the Italian agrifood chain – says Massimo De Bellis, General Manager of CremonaFiere – and, even if it resisted the severe blow of the global health emergency and the cheese export rates are encouraging, companies involved in the sector do need to have their hard work acknowledged and enhanced”.

And this is the Mission of the rich events programme of Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions, the only Italian Exhibition with a special focus on high-profitability livestock farming aiming at providing professionals of the sector with effective technical and scientific tools to improve their business but also at raising consumers’ awareness on one of the most important production chains of Italian economy.

To develop our cultural programme – continues De Bellis – we have established a fruitful cooperation with the major sector institutions and associations and with the most qualified professionals of agro-livestock. A substantial institutional representation will also be here to confirm their support to companies and to underline the key role played by Cremona as to the National agrifood system”.

The 40 scientific events in program deal with different topics: from environmental sustainability to process efficiency up to a strategic vision of the future and of the markets. A technical focus on latest innovations and technologies will also be there, with a particular reference to biogas and agrivoltaic systems, cowshed robots, precision livestock farming and bio-technologies.

International markets are also part of the programme, with interesting workshops on the most promising developing opportunities, such as investments in Belarus.

A special mention is then deserved by appointments promoting new products and new market outlets, such as: milk and vegetable alternatives to it, or the much debated “meat without meat”: are they really good for human health?

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